вторник, 24 ноября 2009 г.

Future of the Cyprus fisheries.

Did you visit Cyprus... May be some body will say yes, may be will say no, but most of that people who alredy have visited Cyprus will say that they didn't see dams in Cyprus. Yes, and South and North Cyprus have a lot of dam, because it is the only source of the water. Principally there are other sources, but Dams are most popular.
What does it mean? It means that every year dams are loosing water. Some of the dams already are empty. For example let’s take Lefkara. I think that you don’t know that it is one of free lakes where you were able to catch eel. But it is empty now. And I can tell many other dams which are closed for fishing…

I like freshwater fishing in Cyprus and for me that problem is very painful. Cyprus fishing is very popular and hope government will do their bet to safe it.

среда, 22 июля 2009 г.

Cyprus Kouris Dam

Kouris Dam Cyprus
There are 107 Dams in Cyprus and the Kuris (Kouris) Dam is the biggest off them all. The Dam located at an altitude of 250m and gets water from the rivers Kuris Limnatis and Kryos. Furthermore, water from Diarizos river is diverted to Kuris dam via a 14.5 km long connecting tunnel. It has an overall catchments area of 300 km2. The dam is located 15 km northwest of the city of Limassol. It has a central clay core zoned, what is very important for fishing. The wall of the dam is 100 meters heigth and crest length, approximately is 600 meters.

Alassa village was relocated to nearby site (near the Kouris and Limnatis valleys) before construction of the dam. Old houses where flooded and now they stands as a great houses for the fish. The total dam price is around CYP 5.000.000. The dam is part of the Southern Conveyor Project, which carries water from the South West side to the South East part of the Cyprus.

More information about the Construction of the Dam you can find at the WIKI Kuris Dam

Fish at the Kouris Dam:

Kuris Dam is the house for the wide range of fish bride. Carp, Zander (Pike), Roach, Bass (Perch), White Eel, Sunfish and may be other breeds of fish.

I heard from some one that the record for the Carp fish is 12kg, if it is not truth please update me.

Kouris is interesting and great place for fishing where you can enjoy your time.

вторник, 21 июля 2009 г.

The fishing mission in Cyprus

Great to announce new blog based on blogger about fishing in Cyprus! There you will find nuts and bolts of the fishing in Cyprus and a lot of useful information. Every body knows that Cyprus is located in the middle of the
Mediterranean Sea. There are a lot of places for a fishing around the Cyprus. It is logically, because Cyprus is island :)

What we will talk about there?

I will not stop only on sea fishing in Cyprus. I will open a lot of secrets about lake fishing and sea fishing and fishing a specially in Cyprus. Cyprus is very hot country so you have to know about climate and weather dependence!

The list what we will talk about:

lake fishing, places, gear (rope etc.)

Cyprus lakes

Cyprus fish

Cyprus fishing competitions

Cyprus fishing stores and prices. What to buy?!

Fishing trips Cyprus

Fishing Reports

And other interesting topics like feeding, weather etc.

Of course you will find there a lot of photos from my fishing trips, competitions and photo reports from my friends and their advices.

That was introduction into blog, hope it will be interesting and useful for you my dear readers.